Full Name: Mr Mark Regan
Phone: +61 3 9225 7777
Chambers: Owen Dixon Chambers East
Room: 0423
Date of Admission: 28 Oct 1991
Called to the Bar: 12 May 2005


Mark Regan has a criminal law jury trial, plea and appeals practice in the County and Supreme Courts, with associated appearances in the Magistrates' Court such as committals. He also appears at Inquests and tribunals. He has previously practiced in several criminal law firms, followed by 13 years with the Victorian OPP, private practice at the Victorian Bar since 2005, and over 3 years with Victoria Legal Aid as a Senior Public Defender.

His criminal law practicing experience is therefore extensive and diverse. Mark very regularly accepts briefs from the Victorian OPP, is also a Victoria Legal Aid Criminal Trial Preferred Barrister, is a CDPP listed barrister, is the holder of a current Victorian Bar Indictable Crime Certificate (ICC) and also the holder of an Australian Government Security Vetting Agency security clearance.

Appearing consistently in jury trials since 1998, cases include offences against the person, property offences, commercial crime, drug offences, sex offences and homicides. Some noteworthy cases include Dupas (2007 & 2010); Desmond "Tuppence" Moran (2011); Chartwell Enterprises (2010) ($63M); Opes Prime (2012-13) (stock market collapse case - $600M) and numerous State or joint State/Federal drug task force cases.

Accordingly, Mark has substantial experience in presenting as well as defending intricate and complex telephone-intercept-based commercial and large-commercial drug cases, as well as prosecuting and defending complex commercial crime cases, and also appeared in Ashmore Reef and Christmas Island people smuggling cases.

Particular specific professional interests include firearms and tool-mark examination, edged weapons, explosives, DNA, blood spatter interpretation, fingerprints, listening devices and warrants, and cell-phone and GPS tracking. Mark previously was a regular visiting lecturer at Leo Cussen Institute and in more recent years has been a principal contributor and presenter to the VLA/LIV Criminal Law Specialization program in drug law.

Mark is also familiar with current aviation regulation and enforcement (particularly general and recreational aviation), consolidating on his much earlier experience with both military and civil aviation. In particular, in 2017 Mark influenced significant changes to, and the removal of, certain penalty provisions from the draft CASR Part 149, governing recreational aviation in Australia. Part 149 in revised form was finally signed into law in July 2018.

To discuss Mark's availability contact Foley's List on (03) 9225 7777. Think Foley's First.

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