Full Name: Mr Neville Rudston
Phone: +61 3 9225 7777
Chambers: Owen Dixon Chambers East
Date of Admission: 5 Apr 2017
Called to the Bar: 6 Apr 2017
Qualifications: LLB
Previous Occupation: Barrister, England and Wales


Neville Rudston joined the Victorian Bar and Foley’s List following a successful criminal law practice at the London Bar. Neville has over a decade of jury trial experience and has appeared in criminal cases in superior and summary jurisdictions, specialist courts, and in the Court of  Appeal and the High Court. He notes the high professional tandards in Victoria’s criminal justice system and feels privileged to have become part of the Victorian Bar.
Called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2000, Neville trained at Carmelite, one of the country’s pre-eminent criminal barristers’ chambers. After several years practising in chambers, in 2008 Neville joined Hodge Jones & Allen LLP, one of London’s largest and most respected criminal law firms. Here, based on  repeated successes in jury trials, he became one of the first barristers in the country to be appointed Partner in any law firm. In this senior role he garnered a reputation as an assiduous and articulate advocate.
Neville has appeared at the Old Bailey in trials for  murder. He has appeared in trials for the most serious sexual offences, large scale conspiracies, trafficking hard drugs, armed robbery and serious fraud. His  extensive experience in jury trials covers the spectrum of complicated and grave offences. He accepts briefs in all criminal, quasi-criminal, human rights and related fields such as inquests. As defence counsel, Neville assists all people in need of help; from professionals never in trouble before, to people who have had difficulties with the law over many years. He helps vulnerable clients from children to people with severe mental health difficulties. Neville has consistently helped courts identify innocence, including where defences are notoriously difficult to put forward. Examples include where defendants have been forced to break the law in emergency situations or after being threatened. He has had court proceedings stopped for abuse of the Court’s process where people have been prosecuted improperly or unfairly. He is committed to assisting the Courts to do justice and assisting solicitors help people who find themselves in trouble. 

Now based in Melbourne full time, Neville remains a door tenant in London chambers and is able to renew his right to practise in England and Wales within days if required to undertake serious matters in this jurisdiction. Neville is here to help.

Areas of Practice


  • Criminal Appeals

Criminal Law

  • Appellate
  • Corruption
  • Crimes Against the Person
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drugs
  • Environmental
  • Fraud
  • Health & Safety
  • Intervention Orders
  • Juvenile / Children's Court
  • Mental Illness
  • Money Laundering
  • Proceeds of Crime
  • Property
  • Sexual Assault
  • Traffic / Motor Vehicle

Inquests, Inquiries, Tribunals & Commissions

Public Law & Administrative Law

  • Human Rights Law

Also Entitled to Practise in

  • All Australian States and Jurisdictions

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