A Family Law Post-Covid Hypothetical

Bronia A Tulloch , Alex Finemore; Vanessa Bacchetti; Amrita Malik; Laurence Fudim; Harriet Geddes
Date uploaded:
24 Oct 2022

Foley’s List is pleased to present the 2022 Family Law Breakfast Seminar in podcast form. This episode will take you through questions and answers about a post-covid hypothetical fact scenario.  The topics covered are: contraventions, valuations and adversarial experts, gifts and the assessment of contributions.

We appreciate the special appearance of Justice Hartnett of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia in asking the questions in this Q & A. Presenting the answers are Foley’s List Barristers: Vanessa Bacchetti, Amrita Malik, Bronia Tulloch, Laurence Fudim, Harriet Geddes and Alex Finemore.

These presenters have also written detailed papers about the topics upon which they have been asked questions.  The hypothetic fact scenario and each of the papers can be found on here.