Making of Bail Applications in 2022 - Foley's February 2022 Series Recap

Philip A Dunn KC , Madeline Sargent; Raphael de Vietri
Date uploaded:
31 Jan 2023

Following the conclusion of the Foley's February 2023 series, we are pleased to present a recap of all sessions of the Foley's February 2022 Series.  

Philip Dunn KC, Madeline Sargent and Raphael de Vietri discuss the changing landscape of bail applications and the impact the pandemic has had on this process. The Bail Act and its definitions are looked at, and a checklist is available for download as a guide to the complexities of bail applications.

Philip Dunn KC is an experienced trial advocate who has conducted trials and pleas for forty years. As a trial lawyer he conducts defenses in all types of criminal matters; notably murder, conspiracy, corporate and tax fraud and, drug and sex offences.

Madeleine is an experienced advocate who accepts briefs to appear and advise in all areas of criminal law, including quasi-criminal areas, such as coronial inquests, disciplinary tribunals, investigations and Royal Commissions.

Raphael practices predominantly in criminal law, with a focus on serious and complex crime. He has appeared as counsel in matters involving terrorism, organised crime, homicide, sex offences, drug importation, major fraud, human exploitation, war crimes and military offences.

 Bail CPD Summary | Bail Checklist