Forensics - Foley's February 2022 Series Recap

Tim R Marsh , Joanna Glengarry
Date uploaded:
01 Feb 2023

Following the conclusion of the Foley's February 2023 series, we are pleased to present a recap of all sessions of the Foley's February 2022 Series.  

Tim Marsh introduces Dr Joanna Glengarry to speak about the role of a forensic pathologist particularly in homicide cases or cases that involve medical evidence. Dr Glengarry discusses the limitations of evidence that can be provided by a forensic pathologist and clarifies myths, expectations and misinformation regarding forensic pathology. Tim Marsh follows up this discussion with practical advice for solicitors and advocates when preparing a brief and finding themselves stumped as to how to get into the medical evidence

Tim Marsh completed a Law and a Science Degree at Melbourne University, majoring in Genetics. While Tim practices in all areas of crime, he has a strong practice in mental impairment and disability law. His work at first instance and on appeal in this area have helped clarify and reshape how the Victorian Courts treat offenders with mental illnesses.

Please note that this podcast is a recording of a live event, and as such, audio quality may suffer in places.

Fifty Shades of Red (Dr. Joanna Glengarry)  

Forensic Medical Evidence (Tim Marsh)