Daze in Court: Dealing with Non-Disclosure in Financial Matters

Date uploaded:
08 May 2024

In this episode of "Daze in Court", Foley's List barristers Rohan Hoult and Alex Metherell discuss with Jim Mellas tips for briefing counsel, the state of the Parthenon Marbles dispute, dealing with non-disclosure in financial matters in the family law jurisdiction.

Rohan Hoult is a former Senior Judicial Registrar of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, who returned to the Bar in 2023 and currently practices across a broad range of family law matters as mediator, as counsel for mediation and for advice work. He has over 35 years’ experience practicing exclusively in family law. Rohan’s extensive practice has included significant trial and appellate work, complex child and property matters, and experience in Magellan cases. He is also an AIFLAM Nationally Accredited Mediator.

Alex Metherell practices exclusively in family law and related jurisdictions. She accepts briefs to appear at both local and interstate registries, to undertake regional and circuit work, mediations and drafting work.

Alex is experienced in high risk parenting matters where there are allegations of unacceptable risk, and complex property matters relating to spousal maintenance, third party and equitable interests, child support and injunctions.

Jim Mellas has practised predominantly in Family Law having become an LIV Accredited Specialist in Family Law in 1991. His practice coves all aspects of Family Law including Property, Defacto Relationships, Parenting and Financial Agreements. He has particular experience in complex financial family law matters involving companies, trusts and family businesses. Jim has also had experience in Criminal Law matters as well as Trust and Estate matters.

Episode Length: ~60 Minutes 
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