Service. With Foley's List, it is always about service.

Quality of service. Loyalty of service.

For 160 years, Foley's barristers have represented the finest legal minds in this country, their talents and experience extending to cases in the most exciting jurisdictions in the world.

Enhanced by the largest executive support staff based at Owen Dixon Chambers (205 William Street, Melbourne), our barristers are afforded a boutique service emphasising exclusivity and loyalty.

The difference is the List itself - our barristers own the List and maintain the List, selecting barristers who are forward-thinking, vibrant and discerning.

One of Australia's oldest Lists, over 300 barristers currently call Foley's List home. With our emphasis on attracting the brightest new legal minds joining the Bar, our membership is expanding, but not at the expense of our quality support.

With our Clerks responsible for a barrister's bookings, messages, fee negotiation and collection, practice management, billing, administration and memberships, appointments and travel arrangements, professional development, urgent deliveries, our barristers are freed from the burden of administrative matters, confident their affairs are being managed for them. 

Foley's currently has six Clerks responsible for:

  1. the barrister's area/s of practice;
  2. the barrister's level of experience;
  3. the barrister's fee range; and
  4. the barrister's availability.

Foley’s List has a telephone system that connects solicitors with barristers and enables messages to be left for barristers when they are in court or otherwise occupied. It is staffed from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Briefs and other documents are usually forwarded to the Clerk’s office to be delivered to the barristers by our team of messengers who both deliver and collect from the barristers’ chambers.

Further, Foley’s employs a List Accountant who is supported by an accounts department and a computerised accounting system. Foley’s barristers have their invoices despatched and their fees collected by our accounts department and payments are accepted in cash, cheque, electronic transfer or credit card via BPay (if supported by the payer’s financial institution).

The clerk’s fee is payable when the barrister receives his/her fees. 

Our clerks are available from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday but can be contacted after hours on 0404 024 970.

For further information regarding contacting our clerking team, please see the Contact Us page.