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Foley's List regards its barristers as among the leading authorities in their areas of practice. The List is pleased to share the knowledge and expertise of its most experienced and emerging barristers. 

Foley's List CPD resources are offered as a service to practitioners and are freely available online. There is no charge to attend a Foley's List CPD seminar. We are happy to provide CPD seminars to firms, businesses and organisations.

Friday, 8th November 2019
Leading Victorian Insurance and Personal Injury barristers

List Members Michael Wilson QC, Daniel Masel S.C. and Romesh Kumar have been recognised by their peers as leading Queen's and Senior Counsel and Junior Counsel respectively, practising in the areas of insurance, personal injuries and professional indemnity matters in Victoria. (Doyles Guide, 8 November 2019)

Wednesday, 6th November 2019
Leading Tax Barristers Victoria

List Members Frank O'Loughlin QC, Andrew de Wijn, Tim Grace and Simon Tisher have been recognised by their peers as Leading Tax Barristers in Victoria for 2019. (Doyles Guide 6 November 2019)

Friday, 25th October 2019
CPD update - Family Law
 Family Law barrister Sarah Damon provides an update on a selection of recent Family Law cases.
Friday, 25th October 2019
CPD update - Family Law
 Family Law barrister Anna Parker provides an update on a selection of recent Family Law cases.
Friday, 25th October 2019
CPD update - Contributory Negligence

Robert Paoletti looks at contributory negligence where intoxication and motor vehicles are involved.

Friday, 25th October 2019
CPD update - Contributory Negligence

Diana Manova discusses alcohol and heavy lifting in the context of contributory negligence in the workplace.

Thursday, 24th October 2019
New Readers

Foley's List is pleased to welcomed new Readers: Sally Buckley (Criminal Law), Kay Chan (Commercial Law), Bethany East (Criminal Law/Common Law), Tim Harvey (Criminal Law), Ryan Kornhauser (Commercial Law), Nicole Menegas (Criminal Law) and Joel Tito (Commercial Law/Public Law). To engage a Foley's List barrister, contact a member of our Clerking Team.

Friday, 4th October 2019
Catherine Dermody

List Member Catherine Dermody has been recognised by her peers as a leading junior counsel in Australian Competition Law. (Doyles Guide October 4, 2019)

Tuesday, 24th September 2019
Leading Wills and Estates Litigation Barristers

Foley's List Members Andrew Panna QC, Andrew Dickenson, Stewart McNab and Lachlan Wraith have been recognised by their peers as leading counsel in Wills and Estates practice in Victoria. (Doyles Guide, 24 September 2019)

Monday, 2nd September 2019
The New Foley's List Website

The new Foley’s List website provides a modern design and makes it even easier for website visitors to find the information they need in order to engage the right Barrister for their requirements, including the following features:

  • My List – the visitor can add Barristers of interest to build a short list. From their My List, accessed at any time from the top navigation, the visitor can email the list to the email address they enter, print the list, or save it as a PDF.
  • Barrister Search – backed by the VicBar data, but implemented to provide superior search performance, the visitor can type in parts of the names of barristers, or search through practice areas. Having searched, the visitor can then filter the results by a range of options including seniority, gender and sub-practice areas.
  • Site-wide Searching – through the one search function, a visitor can now search through barristers, CPD resources, and web pages.
  • Enhanced Barrister Profiles – when browsing a barrister profile, the visitor will see CPD resources published by that barrister through the Foley’s List website, and can click through to read the publication, further helping to establish the expertise of the barrister. The profiles also include updated photographs of our barristers. Barrister phone numbers can be clicked to make an immediate phone call straight from the web page.
  • Enhanced CPD Resources – when viewing a particular CPD resource, you can now access the resource in a variety of formats, from the one page. The author names link through to the relevant barrister profile for your easy reference. As a service to the industry all our CPD resources are free and don’t require any form of registration.

Foley's List welcomes expressions of interest to join the List from applicants in all practice areas, and across all levels of experience.

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