Confidential, courteous, professional.

Members of Foley’s List together with the List Clerks understand that reliability and honesty are fundamental to their professional relationship with Instructing Solicitors: one that is founded on respect and trust.

Foley's List Equal Opportunity Policy guides the List's briefing code. 

Clerk's undertaking

The Clerks will maintain up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the work undertaken by, and experience of, each member of Foley's List. 

The Clerks will maintain an accurate calendar recording the availability of each Member to accept a brief.

Upon a Clerk accepting an engagement for a member of Foley's List, the Clerk will communicate promptly with the barrister engaged. 

On receiving a request for a list of available counsel, the Clerks will:

  • provide a list of counsel who are available and appropriate to take carriage of the brief
  • will include women in the list of recommended barristers in accordance with the List's Equal Opportunity Policy.

List Members and the Clerks will respond to queries from Instructing Solicitors in an accurate and timely manner to ensure that there is no delay or inconvenience to any party.

The Clerks, staff and members of Foley's List will extend the utmost courtesy to every Instructing Solicitor and his or her staff.

Where a member of the List who has accepted a brief later becomes "jammed", without delay, the barrister will advise both the Instructing Solicitor and a member of the Clerking Team. The Clerks will provide every assistance to the Solicitor to engage an alternate List Member so that neither the Solicitor nor the client are disadvantaged and so as not to cause any delay.