practice area leaders (pals)

Over 160 years of service & excellence.

Foley’s List is a pioneer in providing innovative initiatives to support our list of over 300 barristers.  With over 160 years of service excellence, Foley’s is a forefront leader in understanding the complexity of a barrister’s practice, offering a range of exclusive programs to further our barristers’ career.  

Practice area leaders (pals)

Foley’s List is the leading general barristers’ List in Australia with Members practising in all areas of the law and in all jurisdictions. The Practice Area Leaders (PALs) Program was established to provide opportunities for List Members to maintain and develop professional networks allied to their field of expertise. Senior barristers in each practice area - assisted by the List Clerks - are responsible for implementing a broad range of networking and learning initiatives each year. The PALs program provides a unique collective opportunity for experienced barristers, junior counsel and newly minted Readers to share their knowledge with legal practitioners in the private, corporate or government sectors. This collaborative approach, a balance of long-standing legal experience and contemporary practice, ensures that the List’s professional development activities are at once purposeful, beneficial and informed. Since its inception, the PALs program has provided a gateway for List Members to maintain and develop connections with members of judiciary, counsel and solicitors in their chosen area of practice.