JOHN KELLY John Kelly's LinkedIn profile

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M: 0412 360 174
E: johnkelly@foleys.com.au

Chief Executive Officer of Foley's List, John Kelly grew up in a family entrenched in the traditions of the law. John was admitted to practice as a solicitor in 1974, and by 1978 was awarded the prestigious Solicitor's Prize. With extensive experience in litigation and non-litigious matters, John has always remained keen to improve the governance of the profession, hence his appointment to the Law Institute Council in 1981. He held the position of President in 1989 - 90. During this period, his interest extended beyond the law to include management and marketing best practice within the profession. It was this interest that drew him to the position of Head Clerk at Foley's List in 1994.

His current position oversees all areas of specialty - being a lawyer, he acknowledges and understands issues from both the barrister's and the solicitor's point of view.

While his hobby is golf, John remains rather sage, and secretive about his progress on the green. 




Andrew TurnerAndrew Turner's LinkedIn profile

P: (03) 9225 8954
M: 0404 024 970
E: andrewturner@foleys.com.au

As Deputy Chief Clerk at Foley's List, Andrew Turner' is well equipped to advise solicitors who are interested in taking the next step in their career. With over 14 years' experience, Andrew brings an innovative approach to the industry, as well as strong management expertise, decision-making and problem-solving skills. Andrew is heavily involved in List management, business development and practice management, whilst personally selecting the best talent to join Foley's List. In this position, Andrew is pivotal to the company's development and business growth.

Andrew prides himself on being a continuous learner and his thirst for knowledge prompted him to undertake an MBA to deepen his management skills.

Andrew's pursuit of excellence extends to his personal life - he is an active volunteer member of a highly trained and skilled rescue team, the SES (State Emergency Services). He also assisted in the Black Saturday fires and more recently in the management of flood response in North West Victoria. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys competing in ultra-endurance events, like Melbourne's 100km OXFAM and more recently a 270km self-supported foot race through the Amazon Jungle, widely accepted as the toughest race of its kind in the world. Andrew also holds the course record of the gruelling 96km Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.

Andrew is well-known and respected for his ability to bring people together from different fields and is committed to knowledge sharing across these industries through extensive networking opportunities. Andrew is passionate about establishing relationships and is open to confidentially discuss career opportunities and tailor and individual's career path.

In addition to his work, studies, sporting and charity undertakings, Andrew sits on the board of a privately-owned agricultural corporation.



ANNA BARRY Anna Barry’s LinkedIn profile

P: (03) 9225 7658
M: 0497 333 213
E: annabarry@foleys.com.au

Anna Barry has come to Foley’s List after extensive experience within the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria. She has had the opportunity to work as a Registrar of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria in Melbourne CBD and suburban locations. As well as the time spent working in various multi-jurisdictional locations, Anna had the opportunity and experience in managing  two, one-person operated Court houses in regional Victoria.

After over five years working within the Magistrates’ Court, Anna has broadened her horizons and is excited to join the highly regarded team at Foley’s List. Anna brings with her wide-ranging knowledge of the Courts and operations in multiple jurisdictions as well as a positive outlook and enthusiasm in providing excellent service.

Anna is thrilled to be commencing her new career as a barrister clerk with Foley’s List and looks forward to building new relationships.

She is a fan of all musicals and enjoys attending AFL games and when the opportunity arises cheering on the Melbourne Football Club.



STACEY GUYETT Stacey Guyett’s LinkedIn profile

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M: 0447 493 533
E: staceyguyett@foleys.com.au

As a Clerk at Foley's List, Stacey brings a wealth of legal experience to her role, with a career spanning over 10 years in civil litigation. Originally from South West Victoria, Stacey has worked in various law firms throughout Australia for both Plaintiff and Defendant firms.

A highly organised, experienced and meticulous clerk, Stacey has a deep understanding of what the law demands from the legal profession. She is passionate about assisting Solicitors to find a Barrister that best fits their client's needs and achieve excellent outcomes.

Stacey is also a Justice of the Peace, qualified Trainer and has been volunteering her time within the community since 2013. She also spends time assisting her family in their country pub, travelling the world and is a keen wine advocate.



TRACEY FRENCH Tracey French’s LinkedIn profile

P: (03) 9225 7882
M: 0474 333 255
E: traceyfrench@foleys.com.au

Tracey comes to Foley’s List with extensive experience at various top tier law firms predominantly in construction and employment practices. More recently, Tracey worked in the governance and legal excellence & risk areas.

Tracey is excited about taking the next step in her career as a barristers’ clerk at Foley’s List. She is looking forward to building new relationships and providing an excellent service.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and is a passionate AFL fan of both the women’s and men’s competition and enjoys cheering on the Hawthorn Football Club and is looking forward to the day when Hawthorn has an AFLW team.



DANIEL IONITATracey French’s LinkedIn profile

P: (03) 9225 6084
M: 0476 333 643
E: danielionita@foleys.com.au


Daniel brings with him over a decade of experience in the legal field, bringing a diverse array of experiences.

Having worked as a registrar of the Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts, a paralegal at the Child Protection Litigation Office and a Legal Assistant at the Transport Accident Commission, Daniel’s broad range of experiences has seen him successfully building relationships with judicial members, barristers, solicitors, members of the public and even children.

Working with a diverse range of groups, Daniel has always prided himself on understanding others, building relationships and bridging gaps between himself and those he works with in order to succeed and empower others and himself.

Outside of work, Daniel enjoys keeping fit, playing golf and making the most of his time with friends and family.