As a seasoned legal executive with two decades of experience, Andrew Turner has consistently demonstrated his ability to manage intricate, time-sensitive, and high-profile cases by assembling formidable legal teams with the necessary expertise. Overseeing Australia's largest list of barristers, Andrew has access to an incredibly diverse group of specialized counsel, skilled in all areas of law.

Andrew takes great pleasure in advising solicitors considering their next career move as they explore opportunities at the Bar. Passionate about building relationships, He is open to confidentially discussing possibilities with a personalized approach.

Andrew brings an innovative and dynamic attitude to the industry, as well as solid management skills, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities. He is deeply involved in list management, business development, and practice management, while personally selecting top talent to join the list. In this role, Andrew is crucial to the company's progress and expansion.

As a firm believer in continuous learning, Andrew chose to pursue an MBA to enhance his management skills, motivated by his thirst for knowledge.

Andrew’s commitment to excellence extends to his personal life as well. He is an active volunteer member of the highly trained rescue team, SES (State Emergency Services), having assisted in the Black Saturday fires and managing flood response in Northwest Victoria. In his leisure time, he enjoys participating in ultra-endurance events and have competed in over 300, such as Melbourne's 100km OXFAM and a 270km self-supported foot race through the Amazon Jungle, regarded as the world's most challenging race of its kind. He also holds the course record for the gruelling 96km Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.

Well-respected for his ability to unite individuals from various backgrounds, Andrew is devoted to knowledge sharing across sectors through extensive networking opportunities and enduring partnerships.

Beyond his professional work, studies, sporting and charity undertakings, Andrew also sit on the board of a privately-owned agriculture corporation as a Director.