2020 Update: Recent Cases on Formation of Contracts of Sale of Land

Date uploaded:
15 Mar 2021

In this session Philip Barton deals with all Supreme Court and County Court cases over roughly the past 5 years on contracts of sale of land, under the following headings

  1. Offer and Acceptance including a solicitor’s authority to conclude a contract and a company director’s authority to make a contract
  2. Masters v Cameron cases – covering the 4 Masters v Cameron categories and contract interpretation
  3. Statute of Frauds 
  4. Void for Uncertainty 
  5. Estoppel against denying existence of a contract 
  6. Section 32 statements - in particular the effect of no section 32 statement, examples of statements complying or not complying with s 32, and possible excuse of a vendor for non-compliance 
  7. Cooling off under s 31 Sale of Land Act and in particular whether a purchaser can withdraw a cooling-off notice and whether there is any forfeiture of deposit if none of the deposit has been paid