What To Do When You Are Out Of Time

Robyn Wheeler , Vanessa Bacchetti
Date uploaded:
26 Mar 2021

Robyn Wheeler and Vanessa Bacchetti will sooth your souls with a guide to how to deal with seeking to start a case out of time, seeking to set aside a final order out of time and seeking to appeal out of time.

They will take you through the labyrinth of Powers of the Registrars, Senior Registrars and the Judicial Officers in each court; just "in time" for all the rules to be changed yet again (due to the Court merger).

Robyn Wheeler: "Time and Running Out Of It" 
Vanessa Bacchetti: "Commencing an Appeal Overview" 
Vanessa Bacchetti: "Table Outlining Time Limits Under the Rules and Family Law Act"

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