Defending Drug Trafficking Charges - Foley's February 2022 Series Recap

Mark Gumbleton , Carlin Grant; Tim McCulloch; Sai Ranjit
Date uploaded:
05 Feb 2023

Following the conclusion of the Foley's February 2023 series, we are pleased to present a recap of all sessions of the Foley's February 2022 Series.  

Mark Gumbleton, Carlin Grant, Tim McCulloch and Sai Ranjit discuss the defence of drug trafficking charges and how to approach strong cases against your client. Important techniques to strengthen your case such as exclusion of evidence based on police authority, validity of search warrants and use of surveillance devices are examined.

Mark Gumbleton practices principally in criminal law. His expertise is in drug related proceedings and other organised crime; white-collar crime; OHS and other regulatory offences.

Carlin regularly appears in summary and indictable criminal proceedings both as junior counsel and as unled counsel. He has been briefed in a number of pre-trial applications, admissibility arguments and trials in the County Court.

Tim practices primarily in criminal law and is available to appear in trials, contested hearings, committal hearings, pleas, bail applications and post-sentence supervision applications.

Sai is an experienced court advocate, accepting briefs in criminal, quasicriminal, and property law. Most notably, Sai appeared in a well-publicised case regarding gel blaster firearms in Victoria, where it was held that gel-blaster firearms do not meet the definition of a real firearm as defined by the Act.

Please note that this podcast is a recording of a live event, and as such, audio quality may suffer in places.

Sai Ranjit: Defending Drug Trafficking Charges Slides