Recent Cases in the Court of Appeal - Foley's February 2022 Series Recap

O Paul Holdenson KC , Jack O'Connor
Date uploaded:
06 Feb 2023

Following the conclusion of the Foley's February 2023 series, we are pleased to present a recap of all sessions of the Foley's February 2022 Series.

Paul Holdenson KC and Jack O'Connor analyse the most recent decisions in the court of appeal covering topics such as:

  • Errors made during sentencing & to watch out for during your trials;
  • The correction of errors and the court of appeals power of amendment;
  • Second or subsequent appeals against convictions &
  • Sentencing principles relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paul has developed a specialist practice as an appellate advocate, appearing predominantly in criminal appeals. He regularly appears before the Victorian Court of Appeal, the High Court of Australia

Jack accepts briefs in public and administrative law, appellate crime, and commercial law. He appears regularly in the Court of Appeal, both led and unled, on appeals against conviction and sentence.

Please note that this podcast is a recording of a live event, and as such, audio quality may suffer in places.

Recent Decisions