Disclosure of Costs

Julia P Kretzenbacher , Chris Grisenti
Date uploaded:
27 Feb 2023

Julia Kretzenbacher sits down with Blackstone Legal Costing’s Chris Grisenti to discuss general cost disclosure obligations of barristers under professional uniform law, conditional cost agreements, and recovering party-party costs taking on pro bono work.

Julia Kretzenbacher practises in commercial, criminal and public law. She also accepts briefs in quasi-criminal matters. Since coming to the bar, she has appeared in both summary and indictable jurisdictions, including appeals and trials. She appears in contested hearings, bail applications, pleas, committals and trials.

Chris Grisenti joined Blackstone Legal Costing in 2014 and has since been practising exclusively in Costs Law. Chris specialises in commercial costs law, including the preparation of bills of costs, notices of objection, and appearing on mediations, applications, and taxations in the Costs Court and Federal Court.