Causation in Claims for Mental Harm - Analysing the Counterfactual Hypothesis

Date uploaded:
10 Aug 2023

In this episode, Campbell Hangay explores the causational concept of counterfactual hypothesis in personal injury law and how it has been applied in recent matters, including in the context of mental harm. An explanation of causation is followed by a deep-dive into cases using a counterfactual hypothesis, and the importance of expert evidence in establishing a counter factual claim in mental injury cases.

Campbell Hangay is a barrister and a nationally accredited mediator with 16 years of experience at the Bar. He specialises in personal injury and common law matters. He is an experienced trial advocate appearing both as junior counsel and as leading counsel in common law trials. Campbell is an expert in claims for psychiatric compensation. He also has extensive experience in torts, occupiers' liability, medical negligence, transport accident, and industrial accident cases. 

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Episode Length: ~30 Minutes 
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