Recent Cases in the Court of Appeal 2024

O Paul Holdenson KC , Jack O'Connor
Date uploaded:
21 Mar 2024

This is a recording of Session 5 of the Foley's February Criminal Law CPD Series of 2024. In this episode, Foley’s List barristers Paul Holdenson KC & Jack O’Connor discusses learnings from some recent 2023 decisions in the Court of Appeal, including in relation to hearsay evidence, stay applications, identification evidence, the relevance of childhood deprivation in sentencing, and more.

Paul Holdenson KC has developed a specialist practice as an appellate advocate, appearing predominantly in criminal appeals. His practice also involves appearances in first instance matters in the Federal, Supreme and County Courts, and the provision of written opinions.

Jack O’Connor accepts briefs in appellate crime, regulatory prosecutions and civil penalty proceedings, public and administrative law, and commercial law. He appears regularly in the Court of Appeal, both led and unled, on appeals against conviction and sentence.

Episode Length: ~60 Minutes 
(Note: Listeners are eligible for 1CPD point per 60 minutes of Think Foley's content).

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