Press Release: Foley’s List Appoints Andrew Turner as New Chief Clerk and CEO

Foley’s List is pleased to announce that Mr Andrew Turner has been appointed as the new Chief Clerk and Chief Executive Officer of Foley’s List. Mr Turner will succeed incumbent CEO Mr John Kelly effective 1 January 2022, following Mr Kelly’s retirement after more than 27 years of service.

“The List Committee has no doubt that Andrew will bring his customary energy and initiative to his new role, and comfortably fill John’s big shoes.” said Mr Jeremy Gobbo QC, Chairman of the Foley’s List Committee.

Photo 1 Mr Andrew Turner, New CEO and Chief Clerk of Foley's List

As an accomplished legal executive with 20 years’ experience, Mr Turner has a proven track record of managing complex, time-critical, and high-profile matters by building robust legal teams with the required experience.

Mr Turner brings an innovative and energetic attitude to the industry, as well as strong management expertise, decision-making and problem-solving skills. Mr Turner is heavily involved in List management, personally selecting the best talent to join the business. In this position, he is pivotal to the company’s development and business growth.

Being an ultra-athlete, Mr Turner sees a direct correlation between his strong competing mindset with business resilience and adaptability. Mr Turner is the only Australian to have won the 270km self-supported foot race through the Amazon jungle, widely accepted as the toughest race in the world, as well as holding the course record on the gruelling 96km Kokoda Trail in Papa New Guinea. In addition, Mr Turner prides himself on being a continuous learner with his thirst for knowledge prompting him to undertake an MBA to deepen his management skills.

Mr Turner states “It is an honour to be heading such a strong and diverse group of barristers with a 160 yearlong history of excellence. My focus is to advance our strategy and lead Foley’s through its next phase of innovation and growth.”

About Foley’s List

With over 300 members, Foley's List is the largest List of barristers in Australia and is known for the exceptional quality of service. Independently owned, Foley’s List barristers service the legal community in all areas of practice throughout Australia and internationally. The List is supported by an experienced, energetic, and professional Clerking team. The Clerks and the List’s administration staff have an unrivalled reputation for providing superior service and ensuring equal opportunity for all List Members.

Photo credit: Andrew Campbell, Melbourne Headshot Company