Mediation: The Good, the Bad, and the Binding

Date uploaded:
19 Aug 2021

Belle Lane and Alex Metherell share their experiences, insights, and wisdom of Mediation in Family Law and then take a deeper look at the legislation pertaining to it.

Belle explores mentalisation and the procedural justice effect as some of the things to keep in mind, in order to get the best out of both parties. Alex examines the legislation and caselaw relating to the enforceability and admissibility of written agreements made at Mediations.


Belle Lane  is an experienced mediator conducting mediations both in person and online, and teaches Mediation at AIFLAM. She practises in all areas of the family law and de facto jurisdictions, including pre-trial applications, trials, mediations, arbitrations, advice, and paperwork. 

Alex Metherell is an advocate with experience in family law and related jurisdictions. Alex appears in the Federal Circuit Court, Family Court and Magistrates’ Courts. She accepts briefs to appear at both local and interstate registries, to undertake regional and circuit work, mediations, and paperwork.