Prosecution Duty of Disclosure - Foley's February 2022 Series Recap

Peter J Matthews , Cheryl Richardson
Date uploaded:
02 Feb 2023

Following the conclusion of the Foley's February 2023 series, we are pleased to present a recap of all sessions of the Foley's February 2022 Series.  

In this podcast, Peter Matthews and Cheryl Richardson discuss Prosecution Duty of Disclosure. Using supporting precedence, Peter discusses the scope of duty of disclosure and the consequences of a breach of this duty. Cheryl then speaks about legal professional privilege, the Criminal Procedure Act and public interest immunity.

Peter is an experienced trial and appellate advocate, practicing in criminal law, administrative law, disciplinary and licensing law and in coronial inquests and coercive inquiries. His criminal law practice encompasses all criminal proceedings and related proceedings, including jury trials in the County and Supreme Courts and appeals in the Court of Appeal and High Court.

Cheryl has substantial experience in occupational health and safety including the conduct of investigations and associated proceedings. Cheryl also has criminal law experience, having worked at the Office of Public Prosecutions. Cheryl managed a broad range of matters involving homicide, drugs and fraud.

Please note that this podcast is a recording of a live event, and as such, audio quality may suffer in places.

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