Criminal Law Barristers

Foley’s List Criminal Law Barristers are widely recognised as many of the most experienced criminal barristers in Australia.

Our Barristers appear in all criminal law matters, in all jurisdictions – including Appellate, Confiscation of Assets, Corporate / White Collar Crime, Corruption, Crimes Against the Person, Domestic Violence, Drugs, Environmental, Extradition, Fraud, Health and Safety, Intervention Orders, Children’s Court, Mental Illness, Money Laundering, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), Planning, Proceeds of Crime, Property, Sexual Assault, Traffic / Motor Vehicle, Victims of Crime and Work and more.

With the in-depth skills and knowledge of the criminal legislation, courtroom proceedings and specialised legal advice, Foley’s barristers can help consolidate the strategies of your legal case and ensure your Court proceedings run smoothly.

This List includes defence counsel, prosecutors, and those who have a mixed practice. Contact one of our experienced Clerks at Foley’s to assign the most suitable barrister to represent your case in the Courts.